Location description

The Project is located in the western part of the Futa-Djalon-Mandingo bauxite province in the Télimélé prefecture (sub-prefectures Konsotami, Tarihoi, Sarékali, Gougoudjé, Tionthian) and Fria prefecture (sub-prefectures Banguigni and Baguiné).

The project is approximately 200 km (by roads) north-northeast of Conakry, and 80 km east-southeast of Sangaredi, where other bauxite deposits are located, as illustrated in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

The Project extends 40 km in east-west direction and 35 km in north-south direction and covers a total area («geological allotment») of 1,403 km2. The center of gravity of the project lies at approximately Longitude 13o18’ W and Latitude 10o25’ N.

Figure 1 Location Plan of the Télimélé Bauxite Project
Figure 2 Regional location of Bauxite deposits in Guinea

The Exploration Licence corner points
Point Latitude Longitude
A 10°10'00'' 13°30'00''
B 11°00'00'' 13°11'09''
C 10°53'16'' 13°11'09''
D 10°53'16'' 13°09'00''
E 10°46'13'' 13°09'00''
F 10°46'13'' 13°06'30''
G 10°40'16'' 13°06'30''
H 10°40'16'' 13°30'00''
Télimélé Bauxite Project License Corner Points (A 2015/806/MMG/SGG) (Ministry of Mines and Geology, 2015)


The Project is located in the Télimélé prefecture in the central part of Western Guinea. The largest village inside the Project area is Tiontian, with a population of 1,300 people. Télimélé town is located 15 km to the east, with population of 25,000 people.

Sangaredi is the closest regional airport at approximately 80 km north-west from the Project. Conakry is the closest international airport with regular scheduled air connections, approximately 200 km south-east from the Project.

The Project area can be accessed via dirt roads from Conakry and generally requires a 4WD vehicle.

Regional railways are located in Fria (70 km south) and Sangaredi (80 km north-west). Regional ports are located in Kamsar (210 km west) and Conakry (200 km south-east). Boffa is considered the closest and most suitable for the construction of a new port (95 km south).

The Project is located in the south-east corner of the Boke Bauxite belt, which has been estimated to hold bauxite deposits totalling about 25 billion tonnes (Mamedov, 2003). Deposits under development near the Project include the Sangaredi group (80 km north-west), Fria (70 km west) and Debele group (180 km south).