Business Development

In his 30 year career, Serikjan has spent 19 years in bulk logistics, upstream, and resource businesses. He managed the bulk oil logistics for the national oil pipeline system of Kazakhstan. As an operations director, he completed turnaround, new exploration, and the mineral rights negotiations for three oil fields in Kazakhstan. Since 2006 he has been founder and CEO of Sunkar Resources Ltd developing a phosphate property in Kazakhstan, commissioning mine operations from scratch, and completing definitive feasibility studies of fertilizer production chemical complexes. He also managed the IPO of Sunkar on AIM LSE in 2008.

Serikjan has a sound track record in mineral rights negotiation, mineral property exploration, development and operations. He has also been involved in construction works for infrastructure projects such as a national railroad system in Kazakhstan.

Serikjan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Kazakh State University.

Serikjan works for the project as a business development executive overseeing geological and technical development.
Selected Projects
  • Sunkar Resources — as a CEO of Sunkar Resources, developing one of the three largest known phosphate deposits in the FSU, Serikjan has led the company through all stages of development, including IPO on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, mine commissioning, and definitive feasibility study completion for a chemical complex, aiming to produce up to 2% of world’s output of phosphate fertilizers.
  • KKM Holding — Operations Director of oil and gas company.
  • Kaz Trans Oil — national oil transportation company of Kazakhstan — Head of Transportation Department overseeing; pipeline export capacity allocation, relationships with users — oil companies, bill collection.