General Director

Denis is a co-founder of the ELOFT Group. He is an experienced mining entrepreneur with a track record of launching and growing a number of resource startups. In his career, Denis has worked as a partner and/or executive on several mining projects overseeing exploration, scoping, and feasibility stages. His roles were negotiating the forming, formulation and negotiation of shareholder structure, overall progress management, and dealing with third party contractors. He has sourced most of the initial capital for the Telimele project through his partners and networks.

Denis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Denis oversees the general execution of and supervises financial matters for all of ELOFT Group/Eurasia Resources operations.

Selected Projects
  • Nichke-Su — Managing Director and partner of gold project, Kyrgyz Republic.
  • TinTa Group — Managing Director and partner of lithium, tantalum and uranium mining project , Republic of Namibia.
  • NTM — partner at Namibian Tantalum Management, an «Etendeka» mining project for nickel, palladium, platinum, Republic of Namibia.
  • A number of successfully executed high-profile real estate projects ranging from $100 to $300 million.