Legal Representative

Azim brings over 15 years of experience as a legal advisor and a CEO in resource projects throughout Russia/CIS and Guinea. Azim has participated in the legal support of companies in areas including; change of shareholder processes, full legal due-diligence for companies for M&A purposes, preparing and executing M&A deals, government relations, arbitral cases, and has faced years of legal wrangling over property and other financial matters.

Over the past six years Azim has worked in various general management positions (СOO and CEO) in Guinea.

His professional and communicative skills help the company to establish good relations with all Guinean government authorities, as well as to always achieve cost-effective solutions in contracting with local companies.

Azim holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the Tyumen State University, Russia.

Azim is responsible for operational activities in Guinea; government relations, supervising and controlling contractor’s activities.
Selected Projects
  • Geoprospects — a number of successive closed contracts on drilling services and analytical studies.
  • Kalmneft — crisis management projects — total value of closed deals $80 million.
  • Trans-oil — due-diligence of the company — preparing and executing the company merger with buyer. Total value of closed deal $100 million.